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How to Leverage Small Business Tips To Keep Your Company Afloat

The economy as we know it is in trouble. If things continue to fall apart as they are currently, is your business ready to weather a big financial storm?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have been through these downturns before. These men and women provide valuable small business tips that can really make a difference in providing a way for a small business to survive in tough times. Here are ten small business tips to help you deal with a bad economy.

– Cautiously cut costs. Anytime the economy slows, companies of all sizes start looking for ways to cut their costs. This is not a long term solution. You can decrease prices for a short period of time to spur sales, but if you keep them low for too long, it will end up hurting your business.

– Turn employees into sub contractors. In my company, health insurance is one of our biggest expenses. You can easily cut this cost by turning your employees into sub contractors and cut out insurance costs altogether.

– Keep putting money into advertising & marketing. When everyone else is trying to cut their marketing and advertising budgets, you need to increase yours and capture market share. Hard economic times really weed out your competition, if you are smart, your business will grow.

– Keep business strategies and plan long term. Many companies located in Asia always map out their business strategy around 15 to 20 years out. They basically follow the way of the turtle to win the race. Guess what? It works! Marketing is not a sprint, you should have a long term plan and execute it each and every month.

– Be wise in choosing your marketing techniques. All marketing should be tracked so you can determine your ROI. Eliminate any marketing that is causing you to lose money. Make sure to only choose marketing methods that you can track effectively.

– Revamp your marketing tools. If you have marketing methods that are working for you, this is the time to make them better. Better marketing will always grow your business.

– Automate process whenever you can. Anytime you can automate processes, you will be saving time and money. Why do something yourself if a computer can do it for you? Take time to research possible solutions to your tasks and get rid of things that waste your time.

– Spend your time wisely. 80{fe52e7e01dd81f2ca0f8578f5ee6499806ca7f682f5cd8b9492cde35735163de} of your business is generated by 20{fe52e7e01dd81f2ca0f8578f5ee6499806ca7f682f5cd8b9492cde35735163de} of your customers. Therefore, you should be spending at least 80{fe52e7e01dd81f2ca0f8578f5ee6499806ca7f682f5cd8b9492cde35735163de} of your time tending to those customers who bring you the most business.

– Be happy with what you have. Too many times, companies feel that they need new computers, new handheld devices, etc. If things currently work fine, make do with what you have.

– Reduce your inventories. Reducing your inventory is one of the biggest ways you can reduce your expenses. Try to keep your stock levels just high enough to meet demand.

So, it is vital for you and your company to start preparing for a downturn in business, even if you aren’t experiencing one currently. Small business tips like the ones above will definitely help you make it through the downtimes and come out even stronger.

Information MICE Ideas You Never Considered

Whether you’ve thrown a dozen MICE events in Thailand or are on the cusp on holding your first one, you probably have a good idea of the advantages of holding meetings, conventions, exhibitions and incentives meetings in the Kingdom. From world-class venues, to postcard-perfect destinations, to legendary hospitality and an unbeatable price point, there are as many reasons to choose Thailand as a MICE destination as there are smiling faces to welcome you here.

Thailand is not only a land of smiles, however – it’s a land of surprises. And whether you’re basking in the sunshine along the Andaman or the Gulf of Thailand, rubbing elbows with elements in the mountains on Chiang Mai, having a charming cultural experience in Khon Kaen or doing business in Bangkok, you’ll be surprised at the diverse arrange of MICE venues and activities on offer in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Balloon Adventure

Choosing Thailand for your next MICE adventure sends your business into the stratosphere, so why not at a literal element to this figurative improvement? Whether you take a flight with Chiang Mai Balloon Adventure as the kick-off to a rewarding corporate incentives trip, choose it as one of your team building activities or simply use it as recreation to unwind after a successful convention or exhibition at one of Chiang Mai’s top-notch MICE venues, there are few better ways to elevate your MICE experience than with Chiang Mai Balloon Adventure.

Ladyboy Show in Pattaya

One thing that separates Thailand from other countries in the region is the extent to which lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are accepted in and even celebrated by society. One of the most incredible manifestations of this truth is Tiffany’s Show in Pattaya, which is home to the largest she-male revue show in the world. Reward your highest earners with a private performance of beautiful ladyboys singing all your favorite show tunes, or jumpstart your event at Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) by inviting your attendees to a performance they’ll never forget. You can even rent out the venue for a private performance!

Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise in Bangkok

The Chao Phraya River is not only Bangkok’s grandest natural landmark – it’s the best vantage point for many of Bangkok’s man-made landmarks, from the Grand Palace, to the Temple of the Dawn, also known as Wat Arun. Having dinner abroad a Chao Phraya River Cruise is the perfect complement to any MICE event, be it as a kick-off, a closing ceremony or a relaxing respite from the busiest days of the convention.

Flying Hanuman Phuket

If you’ve chosen Phuket as your MICE destination, then you know about how easy it is to integrate sun, surf and party into your Abundant Andaman event. What you might not know is that Phuket Island is still home to some incredibly unspoiled nature, a truth exemplified by Flying Hanuman. Zip line through the pristine jungle of the island alongside your team’s most valuable members, or invite conference attendees to join you for a trip through the rain forest canopy after the close of business to send your relationship zooming into the future.

Traditional Thai Performances in Bangkok

Bangkok is known as Thailand’s most modern metropolis, but relics of its so-called “Golden Age” are all over the city, from the regal Grand Palace, to temples like Wat Pho and Wat Arun, to monuments like the Giant Swing and Wat Saket, a.k.a. the Golden Mountain. Another way to enjoy heritage in the Bangkok area is to make a traditional Thai performance, be it a dance at Siam Niramit or a puppet show at Joe Louis Theatre, part of your next MICE event. Rent out the facility and use it to host your opening night dinner and drinks, or include it among the extracurricular activities your attendees can use to enrich their time in the Kingdom of Thailand.

You Should Avoiding Interview Anguish

You’ve done the work, and put in the time… and now you’re scheduled for the interview which could land your first ever full-time job. Hooray! This is the chance to explain your skills, make an impression and explain why you’re the best person for the job. However it is important to expect the unexpected. Any high-pressure, nerve-wracking situation can bring about variables you would never prepare for.

With this in mind, before you go take a moment to reflect and think about yourself (like you did when preparing your resume.) A few seconds of preparation now could be the determining factor later on.

If it has been awhile, or you don’t have a lot of prior interview experience, the process can seem intimidating. One of the most important things to remember, whether interviewing in person, over the phone or via Skype, is to practice. Many college campuses offer mock interview programs; these provide great opportunities for pre-interview prep, and their methods can be used much more informally at home. Just look over a list of questions, or discuss answer options with a friend. The more you do this, the more natural it will become.

With any in-the-moment event, the unexpected can occur… even if you’ve practiced endlessly. Prepare for the unforeseen by taking a few minutes to review six common interview mistakes – what to do to avoid, or bounce back from, spontaneous bumps in the conversational road.

1. Don’t Overshare.

The interview begins with the standard “Tell me about yourself” query. Though you’ve prepared extensively, you suddenly realize you’ve been rambling for ten minutes. How can you bring the answer back around to the message you were initially trying to convey?

Expert Tip: It is important to remember that interviewers are people too. It’s okay to pause a moment, mentally returning to what you were supposed to mention in the first place. And if you’re still embarrassed post-monologue? Don’t be afraid to verbally acknowledge your mistake. Based on the recruiter’s temperament and your personality, saying something like “Wow, that was thorough!” is not only okay, but often endearing and relatable.

2. Don’t Read a Script.

While it is important to practice and prepare, just be aware of keeping your sentences fresh. If you’ve practiced too much, answers can come off totally rehearsed and bland.

Expert Tip: Before the official day, try a mock interview with someone you trust. Getting feedback from someone who really knows you can be eye-opening! You might be doing something, like nail-biting or fidgeting, that you would have never thought to plan for!

Speaking of which…

3. Avoid Those Nervous Habits.

We all have them. Twirling hair, avoiding eye contact, trailing off at… the end… of sentences…

How can you avoid doing what happens so naturally?

Expert Tip: Be aware of these tendencies and take deliberate countermeasures. Talk too fast? Consciously make the effort to slow down. If you tend to trail off, instead end sentences determinedly strong!

With this in mind, know these eccentricities will never go away completely. And that’s okay. The goal is not elimination but containment – just to avoid memorable distractions.

4. Don’t Be a Stereotype.

You’ve got a response of the ages for the “What are your greatest strengths” question. However, you panic when asked about weaknesses. Your stiff comment of being a “perfectionist who works too hard” now seems lame and cheesy.

Expert Tip: Have no fear… this can be fixed! Take that response and connect it specifically to things you truly need to work on, and add what you are doing currently to correct these issues. Or move on. But whatever you choose, DO NOT share a plethora of other weaknesses in an attempt to cover for your previous response. You want to get hired, after all!

5. Do Your Homework.

Don’t fall for one of the most common recruiter traps in the book: when asked, know the job you’re applying for. Scrambling for a pathetic response in the moment is one of the biggest pet peeves of any hiring manager, so be sure to research before the interview.

Expert Tip: There is always information about companies and positions online; taking a few minutes to read beforehand can add immeasurable value to your interview.

6. Don’t Be Unreasonable.

You’re almost done, and have nailed every hirer question… until salary (unexpectedly) comes up. Panicked, you offer a range way higher or lower than you deserve considering past education and experience.

Expert Tip: Though you might not be sure exactly what you should expect to earn, online resources can again prove beneficial to prepare for this inquiry. Campus career center website Glassdoor, or other online salary calculation tools, can help you determine a rough, appropriate estimate. Additionally consider location, background and other potential factors.

A little time taken for preparation and practice could be the key to landing the position of your dreams!

The other key to achieving success is continual strategic planning. With this in mind, I have developed a systematic, calculated writing process that has consistently proven effective in attaining desired career outcomes. An incredible resume is the way to get you instantly started on the career path of your choice.

I’ll Get You Hired

I have been a Professional Resume Writer for more than 12 years, and am proud to say that my clients have 100{d3386faa44589ac3d3b9c46d9724171ea6571a47519fc0257a30db5c06c594cd} success in getting interviews when utilizing my resumes. I would love to help you achieve this as well.

Tips How Your Thoughts Impact Success

When Victoria showed up for her executive coaching session with me, she looked forward to focusing on three behaviors that she had identified as holding her back in her career progression. Here’s what she had written down:

  1. I need to speak up more in meetings, particularly with senior leaders.
  2. I need to stand up to pushy clients.
  3. I need to become more comfortable promoting myself to top management.

But during our session together, it quickly became clear that the issue for Victoria wasn’t necessarily these behaviors. Instead, it was her underlying mind management driving those limiting behaviors.

It isn’t unusual for a potential coaching client to show up for a trial session with a change-in-behavior objective, and then realize that their thoughts are actually at the heart of the challenge.

In Victoria’s case, through our discussion, she discovered that she had been quietly talking herself out of embracing the very behaviors she wanted to embody. She had been listening to that little voice inside her head that says, “If I speak up, I’ll probably be wrong and make a fool of myself.” Or: “Even if I don’t agree with a client, I don’t want to rock the boat, so I just go along with it.” Or: “I’ve never been any good at self-promotion, so my chances of getting anywhere in this job are slim.”

Does Victoria’s dilemma ring true for you, too? These kinds of limiting thoughts can pass through your mind so quickly that you don’t even consciously realize it. But these thoughts are incredibly powerful and can have a dramatic effect, causing you to postpone actions and make all sorts of excuses for not initiating positive change.

What’s at the heart of it all? One of the worst enemies of self-leadership is a fear of failure, and it plagues even the most high-ranking executives.

Here’s another example: Sarah is a woman who helped start up a successful high-tech company. Previously a strong individual, full of energy and excitement, she and her fellow leaders grew the company from a dozen employees to a thriving organization of several hundred.

By that time, Sarah had become a mother, with one child already born and a second one on the way. She found herself struggling to balance the demands of work and home and realized that her family was getting the short end of the stick. So, after serious consideration, she decided to leave the work world for a few years to focus on raising her kids. Those “few years” turned into more than 10 years of being out of the corporate environment.

That’s when Sarah arrived at my office for coaching. “I thought I could just pick up my career where I left off,” she said, “but I realize I was being naïve. What was I thinking?”

She then proceeded to tell me about how she was certain she had completely blown her recent interview for a new position. “You won’t believe what I said, Brenda,” she told me. “What an idiot! How stupid can I be? Some of the answers I gave to questions were ridiculous, the more I think about them.”

I looked at her and quickly changed my demeanor. “I can’t believe you did that either, Sarah! What were you thinking? You really are an idiot, you know that? How stupid can you be! Your answers were completely ridiculous!”

Sarah looked at me with shock on her face, clearly taken aback by my words. But it only took her a moment to understand my purpose. When I saw the recognition register on her face, I returned to my normal tone of voice and asked, “Now, if I were your boss, Sarah, and I spoke to you that way, would you work for me?”

“No!” she said, “Of course, not! That would be the worst boss in the world!”

I responded, “But, all I did was mirror back to you exactly what you’ve been saying to yourself. My point is: You have been listening to the worst boss in the world-and it’s that nasty little voice in your head.”

Remember Losing A Good Job Can Teach You 5 Invaluable Lessons

You lost your job, and you feel like a complete failure. Whether it was your fault or it happened because of reasons beyond your control, it stings. Stop torturing yourself wondering what you could have done differently! And before you start searching the classifieds for a new gig, take a moment to consider what benefits come from losing a good job. That’s right; here are five life lessons that you can thank unemployment for teaching you.

Your potential is limitless.

You are an excellent carpenter, dancer, phlebotomist, whatever. That isn’t all you are, and it isn’t all you can do. You might be able to channel your strength into a new career. Imagine you have always worked as a singer. What are the subfields of singing? Can you use your singing skills for a new type of job? Why not try out as a voice-over artist, using your vocal control, pitch, and power to add character to your voice? Could you use songs as a means to connect with students? What’s stopping you from trying your hand at songwriting? What else can you do? Take a moment to brainstorm things that fit your skill set. And don’t forget, you are capable of learning new skills. Now is the time to find out what you really can do!

There’s a whole world out there.

What do you tell a teenager with a broken heart? You know that she really loved her ex, but she won’t be unhappy forever. In time, she will probably meet someone who is infinitely more compatible than her former companion. As an unemployed person, don’t forget that the world is bigger than the place you live. It’s full of opportunities. Would your talents be valuable in a different town, state, or country? If you are not able to relocate, can you find clients or provide services internationally using the Internet? Widen your perspective. You will be amazed at what possibilities exist.

You still deserve your vacation time.

Just because you got the pink slip doesn’t mean you didn’t work hard. The gap between jobs offers you a chance to recharge your batteries. If you have the desire and can afford it, take that big trip that you’ve always wanted. If your budget is limited, choose an affordable location or share costs with a group of friends. Even if your budget is nil, find awesome things to do for free around your town. For example, it doesn’t cost anything to camp out in your backyard to look at the stars. When you do return from your vacation, not only will you be refreshed but also you will have something interesting to talk about during job interviews.

Never tear down a bridge you built. In fact, construct new ones.

Don’t leave on a sour note. Wish everyone well and mean it! When you begin searching for a new job, you might be able to take advantage of the relationships you built with former coworkers. Strong recommendations and insider job leads can help you land a new position. When you begin to interview, don’t count it a total loss if you don’t get the job. Send a thank you note and invite the company to keep your resume on file. You can check in again after a few months if you’re particularly interested in the business or if you have reason to believe that there are fresh openings. You can also reach out others who are or have been unemployed. Besides offering a listening ear, they might have some valuable advice to share.

Sometimes you need to be missed to be appreciated.

Goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. One of two things might happen when you leave your position. It might become apparent how valuable you were to the company, and they might call you back when they are able. In that case, you will either return in triumph, blissfully decline because you have already accepted another position, or tell them you’d rather explore some other options. Or, they might never think of you again. Either way, you will survive!

The Advantages Provided by Private Transportation Companies

If you are going in a different city for a business trip, or to mix business with some pleasure, you can think about hiring private transportation in that city. In doing so, you get some obvious advantages.

Generally, corporate transportation makes use of glamorous vehicles – such as limousines. Certainly, riding in a stretch limo to a business meeting is one of the most effective ways to let other people know about your social, financial and hierarchical power in the organization.

Hiring corporate transportation lets you use world class cars based on a contract. Therefore, you just have to pay for the service only when it is needed, and you can use it as frequently as you like. When you would rather spend time in the car to discuss business plans and close deals, corporate transportation provides you with the comfort and posh interior that you are accustomed with at your office.

When you go around a new city, you need to be aware of the interior of the city. You need to be a little bit familiar with the rules and routes. If this is your first time to visit the place or do not have time to learn more about these unnecessary details, the best thing to do is search for private transportation.

Reputable service providers always ensure that you get to your place on time. To make this possible, they hire the best drivers in the industry. It is not sufficient that the driver knows how to run the car, he must be exceptionally familiar with the roads and distances from one destination to another. When he meets this qualification, he will be able to bring his client/s to the designated place on time. Therefore, dependable drivers are the bread and butter of this kind of service.

Private transportation services ensure that you get the best chauffeur to accompany you and to look after your comfort when you are on the road. If you or your organization need only the best services, getting the most reliable service provider will give you the best value for your money.

If ever you need to arrange transportation for your boss and you want to make an impression on him/her, consider hiring corporate transportation. You will surely impress your boss, and would not have to worry that he/she would have to put up with the rude manners and poor service given by local cabs.

Business Travel Heading to Portugal

Portugal is about lavish sea-resorts and swish retreats for those who know it that way. But the real Portugal also throbs in its fascinating Flea markets, Fishing villages, and versatile coastline wonders.

How can one be in Portugal without getting a whiff of Piri piri pepper, Salt, Filho, Bacalhau, custard pastry and dried figs? How can one get to know its real soul by idling away with a tan on a beach and without getting up and wandering around on the cobbled sidewalks?

Can the place be really understood without making oneself acquainted with Spices, Port Wine, Cactus fruit, pomegranates, etc.?

Yet, businesses are ready to just brush through this land without actually getting inside it. The real passport that makes one travel this land easily is its language and the cultural grip if one can get that.

Without getting to know of the place at a deeper, hands-on, close-up level is as good as visiting the place through a glossy brochure instead of visiting it first-hand. Then why do brands take the brochure approach? Why they let go of the real deal? Why don’t they stand up and walk across the cobbled but interesting alleys of language that define this place?

They need a good guide, a translator service, to do that. But translating English to Portuguese is a half-hearted effort if a brand does not attempt it with enough interest.
Language Translation can be done sitting in a helicopter too. Any agency that offers you a rough coverage of the area through translation is like this helicopter. But if a brand is ready to get down to the real streets, to the real flea markets where people actually flock and buy and have conversations and coffee-breaks – that’s about a translation expert who can bring experience whipped in passion.

One would, of course, need to translate English to Portuguese in a manner that is first-time sharp, instant and offers format versatility for the wide range of translation needs. At the same time, the importance of a rich network of native translators and a firm grip on the place’s cultural alleys can’t be sidelined.

Language Translation would work as the right pair of shoes to walk around this new place with confidence, allowing enough room to wander but without the risk of getting lost somewhere. A service that can handle the rigor and soul of original communication in English; but with the agility and expertise to convert it in a way that really appeals to the Portuguese – is what good brands go for.

They know that translation can’t be executed in a retreat vacation-format. It has to be handled in a way that gets closer to the real people on the streets, what drives them, what triggers them, what engages the, what motivates them, what disappoints them, and what delights them. This taste can be had in a far-off luxurious resort too but the ‘filho’ just won’t taste as authentic as it would do in a kitchen right inside a real village.

So do go ahead for new markets waiting to be wooed in Portugal but make sure that you have taken care of the documentation well – by having the right translation expertise on hand and by your side as you walk some streets and speak to people like a true traveler.
Visit this place like a tourist if you are on a vacation. But if you are here for business, be the traveler – not the tourist.

The Company Retreats

You’re sitting in the audience, holding your stomach because your muscles have tightened from the laughter. Your eyes are filled with water, tears streaming down your face, with your mouth wide open from the laughter. You are beating your chair and your lap trying to catch your breath from the laughter. No, you’re not in a comedy club listening to your favorite comedian.

You’re standing up screaming, go, go, go! Cheering at the top of your lungs for your team to win! Hands clapping serving as encouragement to help a teammate make it to the finish line! Jumping up and down because the person you were rooting for made it to the goal line! No, you’re not at a sporting event.

You’re standing in anticipation, waiting for the ball to fall on your number and color. Or, you’re waiting patiently for the dealer to reveal the right number. You’re sitting at the machine hoping for a match to come on the screen. No, you’re not at a casino in Las Vegas. You are at your company retreat!

A company retreat is the withdrawing of a company (employer and employees) from the stresses and frustrations of the workplace into a temporary place of refuge. A company retreat helps in building your company workforce. They get to leave the distractions of the workplace and enjoy a more relaxing environment. Whenever a person is relaxed, their creative juices can flow easily.

Even a job you love can become stressful after a while. Getting your employees away from the stresses of the workplace can keep them from cracking, feeling burnt out and it also lets them know they are appreciated.

You and your employees see each other every day. By having a company retreat, you can see each other in a more relaxed atmosphere which will improve communications, enhance trust and gives an appreciation and respect for each other’s position and what it brings to the company. With these characteristics being permeated, you will also see an increase in productivity.

Company retreats can be held at many location types: cruises, all-inclusive resorts, landmarks or even at a theme park resort. By holding your company retreat at one of these travel entities, you will have the help of a professional staff to help you set it up. Most resorts and cruises have on-site event planners who can help you set up the entire retreat; from the booking of hotel rooms, to setting up for your meetings and activities, all at one price. If your company finances cannot handle a long distance trip, then find a reclusive venue nearby.

There are venues that specialize in team building. You can choose the activities you want and have a team of professionals set up your retreat. This is a great way to keep you from stressing out during the setting up process. Let the professionals know what you plan to accomplish during your retreat and they can take it from there. Hiring professionals to set up you retreat will help make sure your retreat is really memorable and fun. This will prevent your company retreat from becoming just two drawn out days of seminars and presentations. The professional staff will give your training fun games and activities that teach teamwork and utilizes communication skills. They will make sure there is a balance between work-related exercises and simple fun activities, along with keeping you focused on your purpose for having the retreat, to help your employees stay on track. On the last night of the retreat, you can all enjoy a nice get together like a casino night to end your retreat with a bang!

Now Let BAS Energy Help You To Be Stress Free

April is Stress Awareness Month, so we thought it would be the perfect time to let you know how we at BAS Energy, can help you reduce stress about your business energy bills.

We understand how important it is to be stress free in the workplace, especially when dealing with finances. Having a clear and relaxed mind makes it a lot easier to concentrate running a business, so we want to help our customers by taking the stresses of energy bills and queries over usage away, leaving them feeling relieved, and focused on other aspects of the job.

Let BAS Energy Help You

At BAS Energy, we can take the pressure off and help your business by searching the wholesale market to find the best business energy prices tailored to your company needs and budgets.

We have the latest leading technology that can help us to track your utilities even on multiple sites which will then be gathered into one set of online reports. We can then get a clear understanding of what your business is using and be able to recommend an energy contract that’s suitable to you.

Our Openview platform enables you to see a breakdown of all commercial energy costs for current and future contracts, on a daily basis. This allows a business to compare gas and electricity prices and find out what changes there may be in the future. This is a great way to take advantage of favourable cost conditions in the wholesale energy markets and save money on energy procurement.

We also have our online energy usage management platform – Dataview, a place where all a business’ energy assets can be shown online including location, map, meter ID and type. In-line with using smart meters, corporate and medium companies can benefit from Dataview, as it simplifies the data collected, making energy consumption and cost measurements a lot easier to read and compare with.

Not only can we save on your business energy costs by searching the market for cheaper rates, we also offer invoice validation and bill audit services, which ensures your current energy providers are charging accurate prices for your usage.

So whether you’re a small to medium sized business who is in need of help with saving money on your gas and electricity or saving on water, or a large corporate needing help to optimise your energy portfolio or check the accuracy of your supplier’s billing, the BAS Energy team is here to help and keep you stress free!

The Excuses That We Can Make In Our Office Life For A Leave

“Good morning, sir. Firaq, this side,” said I over the phone.

“Hey Firaq, morning. What’s up?” asked my boss.

“Sir, wanted to inform you that I won’t be available in the office today. I got some urgent work to do. I really regret it,” I said very humbly.

“Come on, Firaq. It’s alright. You take a leave today. Enjoy yourself, and come tomorrow. Don’t worry about nothing. Okay!” said my boss.

“Sure thing, sir. Thank you very much.” as soon as I disconnected the call a sweet music began to play, which sooner turned out to be my alarm at 7:00am. Well, sh-t happens.

So, I’m going to talk about some effective and some lame excuse for leaves we make in our office lives, now and then. It’s a part of our corporate lifestyle and culture. We all make excuses for urgent leaves. Don’t trust the people who say they don’t make excuses for leaves.

Making excuses is surely no offense, and we should make excuses if needed. Making excuses, indeed, is our birth right because it protects our fundamental right to privacy.

Apart from being the birth right, I also regard and associate excuses with creativity and adventure. Making an excuse is also a test of your creative mind and courageous attitude. And I suggest you not to lose this opportunity.

Well, I have been making excuses since the very early days of my employment; and I have learnt from my mistakes and experiences.

The very first excuse for my absence was not even an excuse; I was just telling them, my seniors, the fact, but they took that as an excuse.

“It was raining the whole day, so I didn’t come to the office yesterday. It was just not possible,” I had said, I remember.

“So, this is your excuse for your absence yesterday?” the ex-boss said.

“No, sir. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. It’s true,” I said.

Today, I know I was a wild ass to say that to my boss. Lesson: Don’t tell the truth, make an excuse, and respect your privacy. Otherwise, you’d look like a stupid.

When I got tired of ‘stomach ache’ excuse, I began to research on the subject of excuses for leaves.


Excuses are valued by the amount of respect you put in them. I say, a respectful excuse is an artistic display of manners.

Please, please, and please, do not kill your distant granny, or make anyone fall sick. It’s just gross, and immoral. It’s just not cool, man. How can someone just do that! Our excuses are supposed to bring enjoyment, happiness and positiveness, right!

As I said, an excuse is valued by the respect you fill in it. So please, insert more and more respect, values, morality, life and health in your excuses.


The characteristics of excuses are defined by the level of confidence put into them. The excuses with lack of confidence are as good as lies. Lies are bad things, they are generally designed to hurt or harm people. But excuses are different; they are made to ‘protect our privacy’.

Excuses are also a healthy part of relationships shared by employers and employees. If employers and employees are respecting each other’s interests wrapped in the sheet of ‘excuses’, they are sharing a rather healthy relationship. It’s a good thing; always better than doubting each other, and confronting each other on a subject of leaves.


‘At the end of the day’ your boss is boss. He is your boss, because he possesses a boss’s characteristics. Might be, he is your boss, because it was his dream to be a boss since his childhood. This is what I learnt from watching BBC’s Undercover Bosses.

Even today monarchy prevails in our corporate world, and I’m afraid even America cannot deliver democracy to this world despite having a president like Mr. Donald Trump himself.

So, while making excuses display some respects to your kind, Mr. Boss, not just because it’s the norm, but because it’s a very human thing. When you show respect to your boss, it triggers a chemical reaction in his mind which increases the chances for the approval of your leaves.


Every person is a creative person, some are good at creativity and some are terrible at it. If you fall in the category of ‘bad at creativity’ avoid it in your excuses. There is no smartness in making excuses like: I slipped on the banana leaves, or I was bitten by a hornet, or I was robbed on the way by some dudes, etc.


Excuses in offices are supposed to be made as a last resort. Excuses in our office life are not positive things, they can affect one’s career in a negative way. Our corporate world is more competitive than it was a day before. And your bosses always need your support to survive the fish-market, and he doesn’t even let you know that. A day’s leave can only be compensated by increasing the workload on your colleagues, or in the worst case, it cannot be compensated at all. So, always communicate well with your bosses.

There is no alternate of the pleasure of life living as per the plans and routines we maintain. A leave attained by a good excuse or a bad excuse, it would remain a gloomy and jinxed holiday for you. A sense of guilt won’t leave.

So plan your leaves and enjoy your life, after all excuses are excuses.