The Miracle of Computers and Technology

There is no other approach to depict the tremendous advances in the zone of PCs and related innovation. It permits moment correspondence with anybody worldwide and that it is a marvel. Can we impart as well as send pictures, create sites stacked with data, and assemble reply to any inquiry we wish to inquire. This is a framework composed by God and man was demonstrated to convey it.

In 1984 the Spirit happened upon me with such compel it was difficult to move. Inside I heard “tear down the mass of houses of worship, go out to the general population, and bring back the youthful.” At 45 years old and the time appeared to me between lives. Yes, I have memory of my rebirth and a connection to the Spirit of the Universe, the genuine God.

Following the message three dreams were gotten. In the first was a man like Jesus Christ lecturing a large number of individuals on a mountain. In the second I supplanted him and in the third my face was on a screen or program.

Nothing appeared well and good right then and there of either the commission or the dreams. Nobody went on about the internet not to mention PCs or programs. As it was in consistence with the vision before my arrival there was no doubt in my psyche of who or what truly matters to this.

Long stretches of showing took after and afterward the Internet went ahead line. At that point the Spirit had shown me well and even sent me to college to affirm the dreams that were a piece of it. The subjects of prehistoric studies, human studies, phonetics, and logic were fundamental to check them and to clarify what the Spirit needs the world to know.

The Internet is the most elevated mountain and from it the messages given to me are being conveyed to the world. God can address everybody in the meantime and no organization, government, or religious association has control over what is appeared or instructed from its stature.

Micah 4:1 states that in the most recent days this mountain will show up and everybody will be attracted to it. That time has come and through the instructing and predictions about the arrangement of God all will realize that what is talked about here is right. The profound individuals are the youthful and they are looking for truth. That is discharged now and is the immense light that will topple the haziness of the world and expel the malice from it.